Our Goal: Establish a Community Committee with University staff and residents of the Rio Grande Valley to strengthen the University’s community engagement programs and ensure they continue to be accountable to the surrounding communities. 

Why do we want to do this? 

  • We want a better life for our kids. We want better educational, health, and economic development opportunities for The Valley.

  • A community committee will ensure community voices are heard in the planning and development of the University. It will make sure the University includes the needs of the low-income communities and colonia residents.
  • Our experience and knowledge of low income communities and colonia residents will help UTRGV succeed in serving their needs.

  • UTRGV, the new University of The Valley, offers a major opportunity for positive change. It presents an opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships and seek new ones.


 To get involved with our campaign please fill out the form below!  We will be in touch with the best way for you to contribute.  

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